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Established in 2013, Ape Parkour was born out of a shared enthusiasm for parkour, martial arts, tricking, and an active lifestyle, a passion carried by a group of young individuals from Grande Prairie, Canada. Initially imparting parkour lessons in local gyms and playgrounds, the collective's growth soon demanded a dedicated facility by winter 2015.

The subsequent five years witnessed a remarkable growth of Ape Parkour, with an impressive average annual expansion rate of 60%. The company's team of coaches and staff cultivated a vibrant and engaging atmosphere, earning praise from the community and maintaining a continual eagerness among children to participate.

In 2017, Ape Parkour envisaged a custom-built facility to cater better to their lively community, the APEfam. This ambitious project of creating a state-of-the-art recreational venue was entrusted to Chatter Creek Contracting, a local enterprise. The groundbreaking event took place in 2019, aiming for a seamless transition from the old to the new facility by the end of 2020.


However, the company faced a significant hurdle due to the enforcement of government mandates in 2020 on the premises. The implementation was irrational, not aligning with the mandate's stated goal of curbing the spread of COVID-19, leading to an unexpected equity and income loss during the construction phase of the new facility. Ape Parkour continues to contest these issues with health authorities, seeking redress for the damages and questioning the constitutional liability and ensuring that fitness as a preventative health measure is weighed properly in statute.

Despite these challenges, Ape Parkour managed to secure the necessary resources to persist with the construction. Amid various adjustments to their business plan in response to the dynamic circumstances between 2020 and 2021, the company made a strategic decision in September 2021. They chose to start up a gaming division, Ape Level Gaming, and resume regular operations, focusing on the classes they were renowned for.


This strategic shift aimed at reestablishing a stable cash flow, enabling Ape Parkour to concentrate on its primary mission: enhancing the growth and development of the young people who partake in their activities. The company has expressed profound gratitude for the constant support they have received from the Grande Prairie community throughout their journey.


Ape Parkour deeply values the health of the community and takes pride in standing firm in the face of challenges to provide Grande Prairie's youth with a healthy environment. The company remains committed to its mission and vision, unyielding in its efforts to serve the community.

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