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Bitcoin? NFTs? Defi? Go from beginner to advanced with us. 

Ape Parkour was one of the first brick and mortar companies on the planet to operate completely outside of traditional finance using brand new finance technology. We estimate that are operating 5-7 years ahead of consumer behaviour when it comes to how we operate the company. 


As a company that has now years of experience:

- paying employees and contractors in crypto;

- paying utilities with crypto;

- receiving airdrops

- profiting from NFT's

- minting NFT collections

- deploying ethereum tokens

- self-financing loans using cutting edge defi protocols;

- minting digital currencies;

- testing trust in new technology;

- solving technical problems that arise;

- accepting bitcoin securely from customers, eliminating the risks of theft and hacking that may be involved during the process;

- structuring finances to be tax efficient;

and more, we are at the front line of the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement and know exactly what to look for in new emerging blockchain solutions that will solve even more problems for both the company and the world as it navigates a breakdown of traditional systems.

The Ape Academy Finance Technology Class is the clear-cut solution for the average individual looking to expand their knowledge and competence in the new financial system.

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