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Individualized Math Testing and Supports

Are you concerned about your child's math ability?


Are you unsure of how they are 'actually' doing in each area of math and overall? 

Our tutors have certified specialized training and the materials to be able to test your child in the 11 areas of math instruction.  This testing can be done in a few hours and results to you within a day. 

We use a Canadian approved assessment called the Key Math 3.  It is a diagnostic assessment that is an individually administered measure of essential mathematical concepts and skills.


How will this benefit me as a parent and my child as a math learner?

Often, parents are unsure of how their child is 'truly' doing, especially in the area of math and are unsure of how to find out and then what to do about it.  Many 'programs' are not truly individualized and standardized.  After completing this assessment (takes about 2 - 3 hours), you will have precise data on where your child is performing in each of the 11 strands of math instruction.  Note:  Flexible options for scheduling in the assessment time/date.


What happens after I find out where they are in math?  Then what?

After the results are shared, we have the capability to create the exact lessons that match the child's ability in each of the 11 areas of math based on their individualized results.  The program is designed specifically for your child - exactly what they need to fill some of those areas that may need it. 

No guesswork! 

We have qualified math teachers available to implement this specialized program to your child if you follow up privately in the form of individualized tutoring. 


How much does this cost?

The testing is $400 total and will include the time spent with your child, the follow up meeting to go through the results and the printout of the results for you, as the parent, in each of the 11 categories tested.  These are standardized results.  Follow up with a teacher to implement the program can be set up individually if desired.  Rates/scheduling are determined by the teacher.  I can provide that contact information if needed. 


Help your child to finally feel more confident in the area of math and truly begin to experience progress you can see! 

Are you are interested in your finding out more, having your child assessed in math and possibly receiving specialized trained support?

Or, do you want to book math tutoring sessions at The Ape Academy? (Please make sure you have done testing first!)

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