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Grande Prairie Competitive Tag League is a monthly tag tournament held at Ape Parkour. 

Registration includes 2 hours of tag per week. Athletes will have a coach warm them up with the basics of parkour, before they are taken through 3 variations of tag games.

Athletes are not going to be grouped by age but by height, and will be scored on their catches, evades, and wins!

Every registrant will receive a random merchandise item from Ape Parkour’s shop every month.

At the end of the month, a winning team of 5 is awarded with exclusive merchandise from our store.

Athletes can register individually for $150/month, or as a team of 4 for $400/month.

Athletes can attend a single tag night for $40.

Tag nights take place every Tuesday 5pm - 7pm at Ape Parkour!

For tickets, please visit

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